Arnold Quinn Studios


At the turn of the Century, between 1900 - 1930, there was an explosion of decorative art products, architectural design and furniture design that popularized much of Europe and the United States. It was the ART DECO PERIOD.
Thousands of statuettes inspired by the lifestyle of the times, by cabaret life, by dance and entertainment were produced and sold as decorative objects in a very broad and commercial market. Much has changed over the past 70 years and many affects have depleted the vast inventory of Art Deco statuettes that once was prevalent in homes and office buildings throughout Europe. World War II had what could be said to be the most damaging affect on these items. Huge quantities were lost due to the destructive nature of war and secondly, the bronze material was needed for production of war weapons.
Over the years however, many pieces survived and may be seen today in rare instances in museums. They are not available and private collectors have been paying exorbitant prices for major pieces. Additionally, "non restricted estate ivory"** today is still a difficult commodity to find, cultivate and turn into art.


Today, three quarters of a century later a resurgence in the Art Deco style has been brought back to life by Arnold Quinn Studios. A select grouping of masterpiece chryselephantine sculptures have been lovingly and painstakingly recreated by the expert craftsmen from Arnold Quinn Studios, using the original cast molds by the artists of that time period.

Not a curve, a glance, a nuance is lost. It presents a marvelous opportunity for anyone who appreciates the ultimate in Art Deco to possess a classic work of art.










No two figures are quite the same. Ivory is exquisitely hand carved and frequently tinted, producing a variety of different emotions and expressions. Bronze is colored through application of patina or cold painting. Effects achieved are often of classic proportions, with richness, a fleshiness and opulence that simply has no equal. Such talents as Chiparus, Colinet, Preiss and Poertzel worked their magic in the dashing Art Deco style.






Arnold Quinn Studios castings are of singular quality lost wax, bronze, and hand carved ivory. Every care is taken to replicate the processes and finish chase work of the original craftsmen. Additionally, many varied techniques are employed to produce a variety of polychrome finishes each piece requires. Bases are made using marble and onyx from the design originally produced in Europe after the First World War.






Arnold Quinn Studios has conveyed to Encore Collection the exclusive right to merchandise and sell a limited edition consisting of 250 sculptures of 62 sculpture images of the Art Deco / Art Nouveau period, after which the molds for these will be destroyed. Each sculpture will bare a foundry seal with a serial number correlating with a certificate of authenticity and origin of legal ivory.
** All ivory used in the production of bronze and ivory sculptures by Arnold Quinn Studios are all Mammoth Ivory and is under lawful government permit.